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We could not include all the many respected Herbal Experts we desired to talk about using Plant-based medicine and living to combat COVID and similar respiratory viruses. We chose a terrific set, but there are so many more voices we want to share with the folks who attend Herbs in Action: COVID and Beyond. 

We are curating a list of those voices with the information in this form. If you’re here, you’re both respected and trusted to deliver free and competent information to the public without directly profiting from the work you’re sharing, which is in keeping with the focus of this summit. Please share with us one link to your COVID resources page or the place where folks can best find the information you’re sharing free to the public on this subject and a description in 10 words or less of the focus or angle you take in the information you’ve authored. We are looking for a link to your original work, although if you also share a list of good resources beyond yourself as a part of your work that is absolutely fine. 
We will use information from all fields in this form except “Who shared this link/form with you”  and “Your Email Address” to compile our resources page. All fields are required. We will accept one link per herbalist or business. All links must be to free information available to the public.

Example of how our resource entry will look: 

Jo Herbalist

Business or School Name

COVID Resource Link

Description of your focus.

If you know of other respected herbalists or practitioners in related fields whom you would trust to advise your loved ones, who are well-trained and experienced, whom you believe fit our criteria, you can share the link to this form with them. Please ask them to include your name and the name of the person who sent you this link in the “Who shared this link/form with you” field. As we compile our list, we will be evaluating the information we receive to ensure that it fits our criteria and that it is from real herbalists and not hackers or profiteers. 
Please do not share the link to this form publically or with those who are not experienced and unable to offer the public safe and trustworthy information. 

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